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Denver, CO


Anam Cara Living Arts Studio & Gallery is home to the artist and writer Carrie MaKenna.
The phrase Anam Cara is from the ancient Celtic meaning Soul Friend.
Her artwork so far, spans thirty-five years and chronicles her journey through spiritual, psychological and artistic development. Carrie holds these three aspects of life as intrinsic. As one changes so do the others. You'll find a wide variety of artistic styles in Carrie's portfolio's.
The art world and our society would prefer artists to find their "style" early and then pursue that for the rest of their lives. And some probably do. But that isn't Carrie's path. Hope you enjoy the variety.
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All text and images are the intellectual property of Carrie MaKenna, Denver Colorado.
Copyright Carrie MaKenna 1980-2015. All Rights Reserved.
Copying images or words without written permission is stealing. Please don't do it.


Universal Circle

Tree Series

Zen Garden Abstractions

Seed Series

Black & White

House and Home Series

Copier Portrait Vignettes

Faces Hands and Feet

Nature Illustrations

Intuitive Collage

Mudra Mandala Series

Landscapes Real and Imagined

Graphic Journal Abstractions

Portraits People and the Figure

Healing Mandalas

Spiritual Subjects


Colorado Places and Symbols

Basho Haiku Illustrations

Haiku Alphabet Series